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ScoutmasterDave (shameless promotion)

Hello All,
Just wanted to put out a shameless promotion for a weekly video series I put out on all things scouting. Lots of great topics including running programs and cooking tips. I’ve lovingly created over 100 weeks scouting video.

Please check it out and subscribe on youtube:

or visit ScoutmasterDave.com


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@DavidLumerman - A personal thank you for your videos especially those on patrol boxes. As they say in woodbadge… feedback is a gift.

Appreciate the praise, it’s a labor of love.

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I’m glad you posted this. Your videos are great, to the point, and very helpful.

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I love resources like these where experienced leaders share their knowledge and experience with abandon. I will definitely be revisiting these as I continue to develop my new troop. Thank you! :+1:

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