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ScoutNet email change on MBC list

Will an email change in ScoutNet/My.Scouting force push to Scoutbook similar to changing the expiration date by 1 day. We had a MBC that had different email addresses in Scoutbook and ScoutNet. This has now been corrected, but Scoutbook does not show her as an MBC and Scoutnet does. When the MBC push on 9/21 was completed, she was removed from being found when doing an MBC search even though he profile indicated an active MBC. We had expired her registration, but was not aware of the email difference. and then added her back into ScoutNet. If the email change will force the push, we will wait and let time resolve the issue.

We are not sure what all changes push - but if you change Expire by a day it will

I’ll wait a day then and see what happens. I’ll update this record so you have some feedback.

The email change in ScoutNet did not cause the MBC push to Scoutbook so we will change the expiration date by 1 day.

and the more SUAC discussed this we are not sure that will do it either - we think email might be a one time push

This is what we have done to date. Expired her in ScoutNet and waited until she was removed in Scoutbook. Then added Position 42 back in with her assigned MB. The day after she was added back, she showed up in Scoutbook, however when you did a search, you could not see her. I downloaded the MBC list from the Council Admin area and she was there. However, that night she was taken back out of Scoutbook. At this point, we have not found the conflict with have different emails in ScoutNet and Scoutbook.

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