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ScoutPay question

Does anyone know how to make a second payment on scoutpay? I paid half of our fees last month and I can’t figure out how to make a second payment. When I go to the scoutpay link it appears to be attempting to have me reenter as though we haven’t paid and pay in full. I just want to make my second payment. lol

@ShelleyAlters - what is scoutpay ?

It’s a membership payment plan that lets you break up membership fees into up to 4 payments. I chose to do 2, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to pay the second half. Enjoy Convenience with ScoutPay — Heart of America Council — Boy

@ShelleyAlters - well your council would be best be able to assist as we do not have that in Washington Crossing Council

Thank you. I’m waiting for a response from council registration. Just thought I would see if anyone has a quicker answer from previous use.

@ShelleyAlters - this being a national forum there may or may not be people who would know the system or process.

That’s fine. I’m just trying to be proactive. It never hurts to try outside the box to find solutions.

@ShelleyAlters - certainly understand just setting expectations.

I’m in the same council. If you paid last month it will come out ~30 days later automatically based on how many months you are paying across. You should get an email shortly before payment processes.

If it doesn’t, contact your district executive on the topic since it relates to recharter and they’re your contacts on that.

For those wondering what it is, the council has an online payment system is uses for things like making camp deposits and signing up for council events. The system is designed for nonprofit orgs to take donations so I assume it comes with lower card fees than many options.

So they implemented the same system to implement a multi-month reoccurring option for paying registration so families can choose to pay over 2-4 months to split up their cost. Someone with the council manages paperwork to know who paid this way and there’s a process for how to note on apps so registration knows to go confirm against this.

@KevinCarlyle - thank you for the explanation and that is a great idea.

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