Scouts are able to record rank without being registered in the Troop

It appears that Scoutbook does not verify that a scout is a registered member of the BSA program, units can award rank or merit badges to them even though they are registered in a Pack. Reference The Guide to Advancement “All Scouts BSA awards, merit badges, badges of rank, and Eagle Palms are only for registered Scouts”

Will Scoutbook correct this? This same problem exists for scouts that turn 18, units can still award them rank and merit badges.

Scoutbook does not consider age. A Registered cub could join a SB unit and the system would see it is a registered BSA #, but if an application is not processed in 60 days the youth would fall off the Troop SB roster.

Scoutbook is not supposed to allow anything to be approved unless the Scout has a registration in the appropriate program. Nothing is official until it is approved. This allows you to mark items complete when the Scout first joins while waiting for the registration to be processed by the Council.

If you have an instance of Scouts BSA awards being approved for a Scout that is not registered, post their BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

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@RichardHall - can you provide at the very least some specifics as Ed has asked for. I know if I have a scout not registered in my unit they tend to show up as first name no last name.

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