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Scouts BSA Advancement Coordinator Training

The Advancement Coordinator Role In the Scouts BSA program:

  • The registered position is Troop Committee Member (CC)
  • The functional role is Advancement Coordinator. (In Cub Scouting it is Advancement Chair.)

Joining Training

  • Youth Protection Training (Y01) - Good for 2 years. I suspect most councils are requiring that this training be kept current.

Basic Position-Specific Training

  • Completing the basic training for troop committee member gets you the “trained” badge to wear on your field uniform.
  • The book that goes with the online training is the Troop Committee Guidebook, 34505, SKU 647783. I believe the 2018 printing is being used for 2019. I recommend getting a personal copy of this guide.

In the 2018 printing of this guide

  • The advancement coordinator duties are listed in chapter 4, “Troop Committee Organization and Responsibilities”, pp. 23-24.
  • The 2018 printing of the guide mentions the Internet Advancement tool. This tool was recently updated to version 2, “IA2”.
  • Chapter 7, “Advancement”, pp. 37-42

Supplemental and Advanced Training

Training Award

Working toward Scouter’s Training Award comes after completing joining and basic training:

Training Presentations

For group instruction or individual review:

Journey to Excellence

  • Measures improvement
  • Objectives are based on past 3-year national performance.
  • JTE objectives are designed so about 18% of units will not earn the first level (Bronze)
  • Scorecards are revised and published annually.

I recommend getting a copy of the current year’s scorecard from the Journey to Excellence site. Council committee may set higher goals.

Tool Training

You need to use IA2 or Scoutbook (but not both).


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When will the BSA bring back “Boy Scouts” for Troops that don’t like the name ScoutsBSA?

Just an edit - CC is Committee Chair, MC is Committee Member.

@MichaelDemcko what does this have to do with the topic? The name won’t change back…

That is not the subject of this discussion topic. However to answer your question, I suspect never.

  • “Boy Scouts of America” is the name of the national non-profit organization.
  • “Scouts BSA” is the program name
  • All Scouts in the Scouts BSA program, including those in boy troops are now called simply “Scouts”. Girls in the Scouts BSA program are not referred to as “Girl Scouts” because that name is used by the Girl Scouts of United States of America (GSUSA) organization.

In situations where a girl troop and boy troop are run by the same chartered organization with the same Advancement Coordinator for both, the Advancement Coordinator needs to select (or identify) the boy troop or the girl troop to enter advancement data.

For further discussion see:


Thank you Jeremy. A Boy Scout is “Courteous and Kind”!

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I think you meant “A Scouts BSA Scout is Courteous and Kind”…


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So are girls that are in the BSA!:wink:!

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BSA Learn Center - Online Training Modules

Cub Scouting

  • SCO_453 Advancement, 10:25 min.

Scouts BSA

  • SCO_430 Advancement for Scouts BSA, 9:46 min


  • SCO_110 Awards Program, 12:00 min.

Sea Scouts, BSA

  • SCO_605 Sea Scout Advancement, 6:24 min.
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