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Scouts BSA “Live Office Hours”

When is the next Scouts BSA “Live Office Hours” and is it open to chats from the field?

I’m concerned when a national leader says it is unfortunate that you cannot have a female patrol in a male Troop; that they are doing the right thing with the DEI Merit Badge, adding they are not being political with the BLM letter; they are not supporting any movement, just a sensitivity.

I would love to see a survey where the current Scouts and Volunteers vote on the need for the DEI MB, and rank requirements. But, I’m sure BSA will not do so because it doesnt fit their liberal narrative.

no MB ever was voted on by he rank-and-file.
I’m not entirely sure why you feel precedent need be set now.


I would think that those affected by the change should a vote…they should be able to contribute to the conversation.

Have past Eagle Scouts in any number expressed concern about the lack of a diversity merit badge?

There are no “past Eagle Scouts”. Once you earn that rank, you are an Eagle Scout forever.

Until my SM is allowed to earn the rank, I consider myself a past Eagle Scout. (An Italian exchange student, baffled by the term “Scouter” taught me, “Once a scout, always a scout.” So that’s my line now.)

Anyway none of the Eagle Scouts in my vicinity have raised the issue.

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