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Scouts can no longer take attendance

Subject says it all!

@JoeMcKinley, is this a statement or a concern in your unit.

This is a statement. The app is broken.

Not sure what is going on - I sent note to that team

@JoeMcKinley, to me those are two very different statements.

If you are on the east coast you will not be able to take attendance at an event until 1 hour has passed. Scout book’s clock is based in the central time zone. So if you try to take attendance at an event that has just started, Scoutbook believes the event hasn’t started and won’t start for an hour, so it will not let you.

There is a new bug, so that Scouts are not able to take attendance in the Scouting app. We have reported it to the developers.

The Scoutbook team needs to consider coming up with a way of allowing events to be assigned time zones to alleviate this problem. It is ridiculous that we are stuck on Central time.

The team is working on a plan to get the time zones right. One challenge is getting it right going forward without breaking existing calendar entries.

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