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Scouts disappeared from scoutbook due rechartering mistake which has since been corrected

With the new on-line rechartering process, we had several parents miss the on-line payment portion. In January or February, when the re-charter went through, we had several scouts disappear from our Scoutbook. Once we realized the reason, the parents have since paid fees on-line and renewed, but the scouts are no longer on our Pack’s Scoutbook. Any thoughts?

post BSA #s and we can take a look

Dumb questions, but how do I find their number if they aren’t in Scoutbook?

A Key 3 can look at my.scouting.org > roster > if the Scouts are not there they are not registered

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I’m having the same problem. We have a scout not in a den, not connected to anyone and not showing on Roster in ScoutBook. I confirmed he’s in our roster on my.scouting.org. (ID: 134240701) As admin Scoutbook, is there any way we can assign him to Webelos den?

I reset a sync - if not resolved overnight @MelindaGrau post again please

Thank you! Worked like a charm.

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