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Scouts duplicated in two different level dens with the same den number

When I advanced my scouts this summer, I accidentally advanced my Wolf den to Webelos. I immediately moved the scouts to a new Bear den and disapproved the Webelos den. All was good until recently, when I noticed that I now have a Bear den and a Webelos den of the same number with the same scouts. Their memberships show that they are in both dens. I’m not sure how to proceed? I tried to go to the Webelos den and end the scout’s membership, but since they have two active memberships that both show as Bear, I don’t know which one to end.

Perhaps I should reassign the scouts in the Webelos den to the Bear den?

try using Edit Den on one Den to differentiate the memberships

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I don’t want to differentiate it. I want to get rid of it. The scouts are only in one den and it’s messing up my numbers.

Changing the den number of the Webelos den would be temporary so you know which Scout memberships to end. Since it is a Webelos den, you can name it with a word instead of a number. For example, you could change it to DELETE.

After you change the den number, go to the Scout’s membership page and end the one in the newly renamed den. Once all Scouts have been removed, you can go to Edit Den and click Unapprove.

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Okay. I just tried that for the first scout (there are 8) and when I went to the Bear den, he is gone from there as well.

Looks like I picked the wrong membership to end for that scout, since they are identical. I did it for the next scout and it worked.

Once I got the last scout out, the Webelos den disappeared and I couldn’t disapprove it. Should I be worried?

What’s your role in the pack? If you’re a den leader, but not a Pack Admin or a Den Admin for that Webelos den, then I’m not surprised you can no longer see the den. You don’t have a connection to the den anymore, since the scouts to whom you’re connected are no longer in it. One of the Pack Admins (typically CM, COR and CC, but can be assigned by any Pack Admin) or a Den Admin for that den can, I believe, disapprove the den, which deletes it.

I am a Pack Admin. I set up Scoutbook for the unit. I’ve never had the den just disappear like that.

Could it be because I had a Webelos Den 12 this summer when I did the double advance by accident and I disapproved it then?

Yeah, that’s odd all right.

I wouldn’t think so, but I’ve been away from the pack side for quite a while now so I haven’t played with it recently. I’m not aware of there being an “auto-disapproving” feature for a den when it’s empty.

I was pretty sure each den is a discrete instance of a “den” object in the code, so to speak, based on the way that I’ve seen it function in the past. For example, each den has a unique DenID just like each patrol has a unique PatrolID in the browser URL, presumably reaching out to a unique instance of the den/patrol object in the database. Based on that, I don’t understand how a den disapproval in the summer would impact it’s presence or absence now, unless for some reason the programming logic was changed to permit disapproving a den while it still has scouts in it. Even then, I would have expected the disapproved den (and it’s associated memberships) to have vanished at the time, not queued for disappearance when the last memberships were terminated. That said, all of this is guesswork from observation of functionality, since I’ve never seen the code myself. SUAC might be able to help clarify further if they can get in contact with the developers.

Thanks for the assistance. I will not worry about it at the moment, since my Scoutbook is now correct. Hopefully the den won’t come back.

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