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I have 1 scout and 1 adult where I have the yellow caution flag next to their name in scoutbook. I checked my scouting roster and they are both listed there with matching data.

I have tried the suggestion of unapproving their membership and then re-applying after 30 seconds. It did not work.

Scout: Initial: EN Memberid: 13918736
Adult: Initial: JK Member Id: 115063836

EN is fixed. Her MID was on her father’s SB account.

I’m working on JK’s issue.

JK was on camp staff in a different Council. His ID and Scoutbook IDs are tied to the MID that other Council.

We can change them but we should have his OK first. His ID is .

Let us know if this is OK with JK and we will fix it.

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checking now.

I also had two other adults that had the same flag under 2562. I just removed their membership, since I will be removing them from the charter in 2022.

So, for EN. I now see two parents with the same name attached to the scout.

I sent you a private message. Click on the pink circle with white D in the upper right corner of your forum window.

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