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Scouts missing from Scoutbook

Over this last weekend, a group of our scouts have gone missing from Scoutbook. I think there was some server maintenance done, but not sure if thats what caused it. Has anyone else encountered this? Does anyone know how we can recover their records? I had a parent log in and all of their scouts history has been wiped.

First go to my dashboard > my account > my connections > do you see scouts their? Does it say in membership something like AKELA60dayExpire?

Nope nothing like that at all. It’s just like they totally disappeared.

Do you see the Scouts on the Member Manager roster at my.scouting.org?

Where these recently added Scouts? If so, have a Key 3 go to my.scouting.org and check Member Manager to see if they are there - perhaps their applications have not been processed yet at council

No they were added in April when they came over to the troop.

@CraigWhite1 I sent you a Direct Message - look at Avatar at top right of page to find it

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