Scouts Needing Merit Badge Counselors

Is there any way to run a report that will show which scouts need merit badge counselors assigned? which scouts need Scoutmaster approval to start a merit badge?

Thanks in advance!

Can you be more specific about your need here? The universe of needed badges/counselors is quite large: 135 badges * number of scouts in the unit - the few badges scouts have earned. I’m not sure how helpful that report would be.

Perhaps for a specific badge, this might be useful, e.g. which scouts don’t yet have Emergency Preparedness. Actually, the Report Builder in Scoutbook already has this functionality (I’m not as familiar with it, as I just joined a troop), but it includes the following options…

  • Show merit badge and include only Scouts who have started but not completed selected badge(s).
  • Show merit badge and include only Scouts who have not started selected badge(s).

Or are you thinking about badges scouts have marked some completed requirements but really haven’t started properly? These reports may help with that. I’m not sure.

Ultimately, it’s the Scout’s responsibility to initiate work on a badge, seek SM approval and a referral for a Counselor.

Scouts can have partial completions recorded on blue cards that are not reflected in Scoutbook. Sometimes the completions are recorded and not the counselor on the blue card. It would be helpful in cleaning up troop records to know which scouts those are. There are many good reports to show incomplete merit badges, they just don’t list the counselors.

@GoodloeWhite - well for those scouts where only the blue card is the record there is no possible way for scoutbook or any other tracker to show that unless the clairvoyant feature is enabled. Beyond that there is no approval step from the scoutmaster either.

The recommended process for earning merit badges

The Scout develops an interest in a merit badge and may begin working on the requirements.
The Scout discusses his interest in the merit badge with his unit leader.
The unit leader signs a blue card and provides the Scout with at least one counselor contact.
The Scout contacts the counselor.
The counselor considers any work toward requirements completed prior to the initial discussion with the unit leader.
The Scout, his buddy and the counselor meet (often several times).
The Scout finishes the requirements.
The counselor approves completion.
The Scout returns the signed blue card to his unit leader, who signs the applicant record section of the blue card.
The unit leader gives the Scout the applicant record.
The unit reports the merit badge to the council.
The Scout receives his merit badge.

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