Scouts not on Advancement report

The Pack has two brothers that on on two unit rosters. They names were not showing up in any of my unit reports. I went into their individual profiles on Internet Advancement and Bobcat with advancements were pending. Why are they not in the pending advancements in the unit report and only on individual profiles? Thank you for the help.

BSA 137475133 and 137350342

@RSinTexas Are you in Longhorn or Circle 10? These BSA# are 662 (Longhorn) where is your unit?

I am in Circle 10, Pack 754.
They joined both units but parent want Pack 754 responsible for all awards and advancements.

Won’t really work they have 2 BSA#s - 133=13937448(circle 10) - 342=13937593 - we can apply the Circle 10 MIDs to the Users but will mess with the other unit some

@RSinTexas Do you want us to apply Circle 10 #'s to users?

So I guess there is no way to reconcile to one BSA#?
137475133 (Circle 10)
13937448 (Longhorn)

137350342 (Circle 10)
13937593 (Longhorn)

Since the parent want Circle 10 to be responsible for adventures, awards and advancements, it makes sense to me to apply the Circle 10 BSA#s. Please apply Circle 10. Will past adventures and Bobcat need to be re-entered?

No I can make sure advancements are maintained I think - the issue is they might disappear every recharter, as they might get the LHC MIDS again.

You have these backwards on what council they are

@RSinTexas OK they are set to the 571 numbers

Perfect. Thank you so much for the help!

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