Scouts Removed from My Connections after entering end date

Is this new… when I post date ended to Scout such as graduated, not delete connection, the Scout no longer appear in admin’s My Connections previously they were still listed. Another issue would be if not re-charting the Scout and he later joins again how would I find him. Thanks.

If Member Update removes a Scout because they are no longer in the unit, connections are broken. This is not a new change.

If a Scout does not recharter then comes back later, the registrar should use the same BSA Member ID so the records are not split between multiple IDs. About 24 hours after the Scout re-registers, the Scout will be added back to your Scoutbook roster.

In the past when I entered a date ended the Scout still appeared in My Connections now they do not. Also, yet another issue with new Scout entered this week, #137458593 for two days he was synced with my.scouting today yellow triange on Scoutbook stating not on official roster my.scouting, couple days ago he was.

This is one of the reasons that, when I have a scout who is leaving the unit for whatever reason, I generate their individual advancement report, Scouts BSA advancement report, and Cub Scout advancement reports (under the reports menu from the scout’s Scoutbook page) and pass those along to the parent. That way, things like BSA ID and approved advancement are preserved, in case something goes wrong with the automatic (or manual) processes in the future.

BTW all of our Scouts are now marked with yellow triangle not on official Union Roster of my.scouting! ARGHH!!!

Thanks Charley! I do that too! Just more stuff to do instead of archive his record.


I’ll need to have the developers look into the triangles on your roster.

Ed. Seems to fixed itself look all good now. Thanks.

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