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Scouts synced

I have 3 scouts that were already synced but now they are not. Having trouble with council help, so how can I get them synced again. When I try it, it tells me there is no match in the pack roster. They are on the roster that’s in my.scouting.

Post Just the BSA #s and we can take a look

I’m having the same trouble with a scout in my Pack. 136966808 is his number. I was able to pull him into our unit roster. Recently, he completed some rank requirements. When I go to try to approve his rank requirements, SB tells me this

Scout needs to be setup with advancement sync before you can approve any of his advancement. Any Key 3 member or Admin can setup advancement sync for this Scout from his account page.

Thoughts on how I fix this?

This Scout’s registration ended on 12/31/2020. You will need to get him registered in order to add advancement via Scoutbook. If you are trying to add advancement earned in 2020, you will need to work with your Council to get it added to his record.

OK thank you very much - that helps a lot :+1:

@MichaelHobson1, one of the ways that I check for this issue is to verify that a scout or adult is on the official roster at my.scouting.org. It may not be the cause of any given problem, but ruling out missing registration (and name variations, and DOB mismatch and…) generally helps speed diagnosis of the problem.

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