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Scouts that are 18+ in Patrols

We have a patrol of scouts that have now earned their Eagle and aged out. Two have registered as Assistant Scoutmasters, but they are not showing on the leader roster. The other two have not said if they will fill out adult applications. For all of them, how do I handle them in Scoutbook or do I wait for recharter to fix them?

We have a youth that recently aged out and re-registered as an ASM. He disappeared from our Scoutbook roster as a scout and reappeared as an ASM after a few weeks.

Are your two new ASMs already showing up as ASMs in Member Manager at If not, their applications haven’t been processed yet, so it’s not unexpected that they don’t appear in the Scoutbook roster as ASMs.

For administrative purposes to handle situations like this, I added an “Aged Out Patrol” to our troop structure and move all of the 18+ scouts there. I don’t add an end date to their membership, but I do remove the green “Approved” check mark from their membership. That prevents them from showing up in most reports, while making it simple to continue to access their records at any time. I can also Approve the membership again in a matter of seconds if any changes need to be made.

Once I’m sure I no longer need quick access to their records, I will add an end date to their membership, but I don’t remove any connections. That way, if I do ever need to add them back to the unit again, I can still access them through My Connections. If they do become officially registered with our troop, then they should be moved from the youth side to the adult side automatically, I think, though I haven’t hit that situation yet.

I also have an “Inactive Patrol” for scouts under 18 that we want to keep in Scoutbook for the time being, but again I disapprove their membership so they don’t clutter up rosters and reports.

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