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SCOUTStrong PALA Challenge (Cub Scouts) Requirements

I see that there are three badges for the SCOUTStrong; Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, BeMedWise, and SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit. Under the awards section to credit my Tigers and Bears, it states “SCOUTStrong PALA (Cub Scouts).” It doesn’t give the option to check which requirement they completed. It says to enter the date that “all” requirements were completed. Are all three of these designed for Cub Scouts? How can I just show credit for the Healthy Unit award?

SCOUTStrong PALA is currently supported in Scoutbook. If your Scouts have completed the requirements, you just add the date of completion. Scoutbook does not track the individual requirements for this award.

SCOUTStrong BeMedWise is for older Scouts (Scouts BSA and Venturing). It is not currently supported in Scoutbook.

SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit is not currently supported in Scoutbook.