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Scoutstrong Pala

I have a scout working on the personal fitness badge which I am not a counselor for. Does the scout earn the scoutstrong pala award of the complete the badge? At a quick glance the requirements look pretty similar as far as the fitness portion.

I believe this award was retired as of 12/31/2020 (there is note in Scoutbook about this)

The requirements are not exactly the same, but a Scout could earn both at the same time.

The requirements for the SCOUTStrong PALA award are:

To earn the SCOUTStrong PALA Challenge Award, participants are required to meet a daily
activity goal of 30 minutes a day for adults and 60 minutes a day for kids under 18 for at least
five days a week, for six out of eight weeks.

Also, each week they will focus on a healthy eating goal. There are eight to choose from, and each week they will add a new goal while
continuing with their previous goals. Stick with the program, and participants can earn a
SCOUTStrong PALA award patch in less than two months.

So the Scout’s Personal Fitness merit badge program for requirements 7 and 8 would need to be designed so that it also meets the activity and healthy eating goals in the PALA award requirements in order to earn both the merit badge and the PALA award.

The SCOUTStrong family of awards were retired effective 12/31/2020, but Scouts can still complete the requirements until 12/31/2021 (1 year grace period).

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