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Sea Scout Advancement report lost

I seem to have lost my ability to get reports on advancement for Sea Scouts. I can look up ranks for Scouts BSA programs, but nothing on Sea Scout advancement.

I can get this information in each individual scout record, but not in the Report Builder. See image below.

You have to click the Chevron to point it up to see the scouts

but i see the missing SS Ranks - not sure if they were ever there - but am checking with that team

I intentionally hid the scout names because of the public forum. The Sea Scout Ranks used to be there and now they are not.

Advancement reports for Sea Scouts ships is missing. When I try to create a report, the only options I get are for Scouts BSA ranks. Those options allow viewing rank status and the text of the requirement. No options are offered for getting organized data from the database for Apprentice, Ordinary, etc.

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