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Sea Scout Marksmanship Award for Scouts who are military

If your ships have Sea Scouts who are active duty or reserve military members, this if for you. The military training record for each branch can be downloaded by the service member and can be used to qualify for this award. For instance, we have an active duty Navy Corpsman who qualified on pistol in boot camp. His training record was printed and submitted as evidence of weapons competency and National is processing the award. In the award application where it has the NRA instructor information, type in “MILITARY TRAINING SUPERSEDES NRA REQUIREMENTS FOR COMPETENCY”

National will process the award and get it sent back for your sea scout.

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That’s wonderful!

I hope you don’t mind if I ask for validation on that part about qualified Navy Corpsman… I’d think they sure as heck ought to be!

Some of the sailors qualify with rifle in boot camp and some qualify with pistol. Their training jacket will specify the type of weapon and the level of qualification.

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