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Sea Scout Marksmanship Awards

If a Sea Scout is in a Competitive Marksmanship League such as ATA, can their ATA records be used for the Shotgun Marksmanship Award? I am looking for what events or organizations qualify. Or any written guidelines. Assistance is greatly appreciated.

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@CharleenKennedy - try here:

Thank you. I had previously read this, but there are no guidelines written on these forms that state, who is qualified to administer the program or alternative procedures listed. I had seen one post listing that military training records counted, but there are several marksmanship programs that could possible count.

@CharleenKennedy - perhaps this:

I don’t have your answer but, the information is likely found in this wealth:

Q: Are the requirements for range supervision different at Scout camp versus shooting events with my crew or ship?
A: Yes, resident camp standards determine the leadership needed to offer shooting sports programs. The Guide to Safe Scouting determines the leadership needed to offer shooting sports programs outside of the resident camp setting.

All shooting sports activities held outside of a council’s resident camp will follow the program as outlined in the BSA National Shooting Sports Manual, No. 430-938, or other shooting sports guides.

National Shooting Sports Manual

NEW: Due to a large number of changes and additions to BSA Shooting Sports since the Shooting Sports Manual was released, here are some corrected and supplemental information to follow until a new Shooting Sports Manual is produced.


I would say that if it’s done under the supervision of a BSA adult leader who meets the other qualifications to serve as a marksmanship adult leader, then yeah…

Ask them prior to the event, pretty much everyone who is a certified NRA range master is also a BSA leader. Or maybe you have your unit’s range instructor attend the event and observe.

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