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Sea Scout Uniform Help ~

I just got my official “New Century” Sea Scout uniform in the mail from SG Trading Post and am in the current process of sewing on the patches. I have made previous posts to help guide me on the right path as to which patches are allowed on the uniform and where. However, I have come across a slight problem. It seems as though the medium Dickies short-sleeve work shirt does not have enough room on the left side sleeve to accommodate for a Council Shoulder Patch (CSP), a Unit Numerals patch, a Founders Bar, a Position patch - in my case, the Council Boatswain patch, and the NYLT strip. Has this problem come up before and, if so, how was it resolved? Should I get rid of any patches on the sleeve? Thank you for your time and help in this matter.

  • Jordan “Orca”

The issue comes up from time to time, especially with the women’s shirts that have even smaller sleeves or when someone adds the long cruise badge. In your case, I would skip the unit numerals and founders bar beacuse you are putting the council boatswain badge on.

I’ve got a men’s Dickie’s shirt and there was plenty of room. We have a girl in our ship who gets everything on her sleeve just fine, but I’ve heard of the struggle.

I say we need to “make room for the bling!” – keep us posted on how it works out and what you end up doing.

The young men in my ship are okay getting all of those on the sleeve; but, they all wear 5.11s, which might be the difference? The young women in my ship can’t fit all the patches on any uniform sleeve so they just get “creative” with where they put everything.

Paul, which uniform brand does your female scout wear?

@iOrca, I’m not sure it’s appropriate to wear unit numerals or a founder’s bar with a council boatswain position patch.

Do you have the patches touching one another? That might help.

This might be a terrible parallel, but while I was still registered as an advisor to my crew and held a council position, I kept my crew numbers. I removed the numbers when that position ended. Regional venturing officers’ also wear their “home” council patches. So, there’s plenty of precedent for that sort of thing.
I don’t recall there being a hard “no” in the Insignia Guide.

I’m not involved with Sea Scouts at all, so I’m not sure exactly which patches “belong” with which others. That said, have you considered using sew-on velcro to “alternate” your patches? I hold a couple of different positions at the unit and district level, so I use velcro for anything potentially “unit related” (numerals, my ASM position patch, JTE, Trained strip, etc) so I can easily change back and forth between secret identities. I actually did the same thing with my OA lodge flap, so that I can alternate among various versions of our lodge’s flap.

It used to be called Attach-a-Patch and came in black, navy, desert tan and OD green. Now, Velcro only seems to sell the black and the green. There might be another source out there for other colors.

You could potentially create a large-ish loop-side area on your sleeve that accommodates the various patches you need to wear, attach the hook side to the backs of your patches, and then mix-and-match to create the appropriate uniform for the occasion. I actually have my loop-side sized to match the patches themselves, since in my case it’s either on or off (or in the case of PoR, it’s a one-for-one replacement).

@Qwazse, I do not see a hard no in the Guide, which is why I said I’m not sure.

I’ve always had separate shirts for unit and non-unit functions, but I am mindful of the cost of that. so I would not ask anyone else to do it.

All Scouts and Scouters, no matter what level, wear a council shoulder shoulder patch of their home council, unless they are registered with the National Council. Very few people are. One example would be the chief Scout executive and his staff.

One does not register with a region. So, it would be wholly appropriate for regional Venturing officers to were their home council’s CSP.

I couldn’t find pictures of members of my crew when they were council officers. (They moved too fast?) But, I think they kept their numbers. I see some current pictures of regional/national cabinet still wearing their home #s.
I think most of us advising our VoA are interested in being able to identify their home crew. For any officer who is particularly helpful, I would not hesitate to look up his/her advisor, put in a good word, and thank him/her for loaning out their scout. Sadly, it is a unique advisor who fields a crew member on a VoA.
The Sea Scout uniform fact sheet notes that council strip and unit numbers are required. I think the most important of the other patches would be the badge of office which seems longer than other BSA officer’s badges. So, @iOrca, although Sea Scouts has various nuances, I think the key patches for your sleeve are: CSP, Numbers, and Position.
I’d consider the NYLT and Founders strip to be optional, so set one or both aside for now. If your fellow officers think of a creative solution, run it by a local insignia dork then give it a try.

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