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Sea scout uniform

Skid like to promote sea scouts a bit more in my district and council and was wondering if anyone has made a unit commissioner/district committee uniform using said uniform. Is this “kosher” to do I know that there are different uniform patch and knot colors and wanted to get opinions and info before I made a decision. Thanks.

Are you on your council’s Sea Scout committee? Have you taken Sea Scout training?

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@Qwazse I’m on the district committee and a unit commissioner. It’s been a while since I’ve taken the se scout basic training but just finished my sea badge training. Now working on the logbook.

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I’d say definitely start assembling your uniform using the insignia guide https://seascout.org/download/guide-to-insignia/?wpdmdl=22336
Then find a ship or two for whom you can be unit commissioner. Register with them.

So I’m guessing there’s no sea scout version of the commissioner or district committee patch’s like the council committee ones. I’m already a registered commissioner so no need to reregister.

Are you registered with a Sea Scout ship or is the district sea scout committee or are you a unit commissioner for a Sea Scout ship? If yes, then sure, if not, then I would say no.

Ships Store is THE place for patches etc. I don’t see district or commissioner patches/insignia.
Ships Store Patches - Sea Scout Supplies to the world! (ships-store.com)

Scout shop shows unit, council, area, region, and national. Pretty telling that there is nothing at the district level. Maybe we are a bit too top heavy?
Results for sea scout (scoutshop.org)

Join your council committee and get that patch. It’s only one more hour a week. :roll_eyes: But, this will keep you “connected” enough with other ships that you will be better able to promote.

And if it’s like our venturing committee, it’s a cludgy operation. But worth the effort.

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