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Sea Scouts Advancement Updates in Scoutbook

Similar topics were closed without clear answers. Please share the latest (May 2020) updates to add and track Sea Scouts advancement in Scoutbook. I cannot find latest videos or updated information. I enable notifications to receive and share useful responses. I will share in our social media sites (Scouting Adventures) and www.seascoutsonline.org.
We are going to be online for a while and our Sea Scouts want to keep track of online and outdoors activities and advancement.


Jose Lepervanche - @ScoutmasterJose #CommodoreJose
Virtual sea Scout Ship 802 Skipper
BSA Transatlantic Council Commodore
Sea Scouts Online Campus Publisher

The change log is located here:

Thanks. I am checking. It will be great if Skippers or Commodores report how are they updating Sea Scouts advancement.

@JoseLepervanche - you may want to check for typos on you home page : https://www.seascoutsonline.org/home just an FYI

Great. It was fixed. We need extra eyes to find errors. Please keep reviewing. Thanks.
Email to collaboration@seascoutsonline.org if you want to add more respources for sea scouts.
YISS, Jose

@JoseLepervanche no idea what you think is not on Scoutbook.com - but you can fully do Sea Scouts through Scoutbook.com - the only thing currently missing is the sub-units (crews).

Screenshot 2020-05-29 08.06.49

Thanks to this question posted in several forums, I have received useful information about Sea Scouts updates. I have to wait to get our Ship finally registered to be able to see Sea Scouts part. Thanks a lot.

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