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Sea Scouts - Complete Different Rank Requirements Simultaneously?


I am an eighteen-year old Sea Scout who was wondering if I could work on the requirements in multiple different ranks at the same time.

For instance, since I just recently linked my account to both Sea Scouts BSA and Scouts BSA, I was wondering if my completion of Lifeguard BSA this past summer could count toward Quartermaster or if I need to work on each rank individually. I have read around online and could not find anywhere specific that states I must work on the requirements of one rank only in the order given in the program: Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, and Quartermaster. Even though I have no rank at the moment, I have completed requirements for all of the ranks while being a registered member of my ship.

Also, do merit badge completions count toward advancement, as I earned the swimming merit badge way back in 2012.

Please let me know your input and intellect on these matters. Thank you for your guidance, time, and help in this time of uncertainty as I strive to learn more about this wonderful program. God bless!

My understanding is that Scouts BSA activities that you’ve done since you joined Sea Scouts would count if you met the exact requirement. But anything completed prior to joining Sea Scouts would not.

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Okay, thank you!

Do you know if it is also acceptable to complete requirements for, say, Ordinary rank if one has not earned the Apprentice rank yet?

Thank you for your reply!

  • Jordan “Orca” Diliberto

The requirements for the QM project begin “Quartermaster Project: While an Able Sea Scout,…” but that expressly applies to the QM project. Also, the Long Cruise requires completion of the Ordinary rank to begin.

I think those are the only two…

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Unless it says something like “While an Ordinary Sea Scout”, you can complete requirements for future ranks at any time. When being in a particular rank is required, the requirements will say so.

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