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Seabadge logbook ideas

I will be attending Seabadge in a few weeks, but not as a Sea Scouter. I’m a district chair looking to support the development of Sea Scouting in my district and council (we have some significant seas in the council, and in my district, after all).

I’m curious about logbook ideas for someone in such a role. Has anyone done Seabadge but not directly as a SeaScouter? What kind of things were proposed, or helpful?

Thanks in advance.

Many non-Sea Scouters have attended Seabadge and there is a version of the Logbook just for those scouters. You will be asked to set goals in four categories. There are examples and clear guidance for you in the Logbook template. One of the categories is Promoting Sea Scouts. Think of ways to share information with your local scouting and community contacts, community events, boat shows, aquatic related businesses (don’t forget paddlesports and scuba), marinas, yacht clubs, school sailing teams, summer camps with aquatic programs, etc. Scouters are great at creating relationships and finding resources and those are valuable to Sea Scout programs. Thanks for supporting Sea Scouts!


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