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Search for existing user status

When entering text into the “Search for Existing User” box, especially an email address, it can take several seconds even on a fast connect to pull up the final list of results, and much longer on the wifi at our troop meetings. As it stands, there is currently no way to tell if there were no results found, or if it is still looking for results, without letting it sit there for quite a long time. It would be nice if there was a “still searching” indicator of some sort so we know if it is done or not, and a “No results found” message if the search fails.


When I search for a new leader on both my PC and iPhone, I get a Searching spinner once I press click Search.

There is no spinner on the Add Connection page. I’ll add this to the backlog.

Thank you, I should have mentioned that it was the Add Connection page where I was searching. I just figured they were all the same.

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