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Searching for Nova and Supernova Mentor in Scoutbook

Is there a way, like for Merit Badge Counselors, to search for Nova and Supernova Mentors? I can’t seem to find a way in Scoutbook. I’m a mentor myself and in our Council member page someone is asking how to search.

Those positions are not searchable in Scoutbook that I am aware of. I’m not sure that there is a way for councils to upload their lists yet, so I believe it’s still “uncontrolled” in Scoutbook (i.e. units can enter their own positions, assuming that the people the units are adding are actually so-enrolled with council).

The ability to search for Nova Counselors and Supernova Mentors is on the development backlog but we do not know when it will be scheduled for work.

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I looked at my own record in Scoutbook and my Supernova status has been updated from Council. At least the information push of the data from Council and MyScouting is there.

@GeorgeCloud_Jr Please go into the position and let us know what it says in the optional notes field.

Just checked and it’s blank. I don’t remember adding the position.

Only my current position of responsibility as ASM has the AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert in the optional notes. My listing as MBC doesn’t have it either.

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