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Second class 2e

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the reasons that for second class 2e, scouts can only cook a breakfast or lunch, but not a dinner. See requirement below.

Scouts have asked why dinner wouldn’t be an option. The troop is holding to the requirement as written, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight to share about why dinner would be excluded to fulfill the requirement.

2e. On one campout, plan and cook one hot breakfast or lunch, selecting foods from MyPlate or the current USDA nutritional model. Explain the importance of good nutrition. Demonstrate how to transport, store, and prepare the foods you selected.

I’ll throw something at the wall.

It says HOT breakfast or lunch - dinners are often (basically always) cooked. Breakfasts many troops get scouts stuck in the Poptart breakfast trap and Sandwich lunch rut.


Crystal - I tend to agree with Donovan on his thought. Now going back to when I was a scout I always ended up as the breakfast guy. So Saturday AM was a cooked breakfast so think like pancakes, eggs… that sort of thing. Sunday morning was the non-cooked type so we could eat then bug out.

Which sucks because they don’t have the discipline to take care of business before taking the fun.

We took my Sea Scouts to Camporee this past weekend and I have one that came from a Troop with that habit and it showed.

In our troop we tend to have the first dinner a bring your own bag dinner (since we leave after the work day so often arrive after dark), then hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the full day, then cold breakfast (or quick hot breakfast like oatmeal), on the last morning so we can bug out. It’s just hard to explain to a scout why a dinner wouldn’t count, since our ethos is hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner on our full day.

Well that is the nice thing about the handbook - you don’t have to explain - Black and White. It is like a scout parent in my unit that ASSUMED Assistant Patrol leader was a POR for Star - nope, read the book.

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Hi, @CrystalJacobs1, I would say that, if you’re looking for an official explanation, you could ping to see if they are willing to provide one.

Crystal, one thought, comparing the cooking requirements from Tenderfoot through First Class, is that the cooking requirements grows from rank to rank.

From my perspective, breakfast & lunch are traditionally less involved individually than dinner, so they are starting with two easier meals. I also agree with the comment that they are trying to get Scouts to think of simple solutions that are more appropriate than what many patrols do for those meals as well.

My guess (and this is strictly a guess) is that after helping cook, the scout can move to what typically is an easier meal. Then in First Class said scout serves as head cook for the weekend.

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That’s what I figured–moving from easier to harder. Just seems odd to dis-allow a potentially more complex meal based on time of the day if the scout is up for the task. A scout in my troop recently made salmon in foil cooked on coals, steamed broccoli and rice for dinner, which did not fulfill the requirement, so she also cooked breakfast the next day (oatmeal, boiled eggs, yogurt, fruit–much less complex in planning and execution) to complete the tenderfoot requirement.

We are adhering to the book as written for both the boy and girl linked troops.

Yup, Scouting is iterative. They start with simple things, then get harder. You will see that all over the place. =D

Keep in mind that the cooking requirements do not have to be done in order (although they usually are). Most of the requirements for Scout-First Class can be done in any order. It sounds like your one Scout did about 2/3 of First Class 2e. on one campout.

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Yup–I’m aware that the requirements don’t have to be done in order. And I know the iterative nature of the requirements. The iterative nature of assist (tenderfoot) make one meal (2nd class), and make 3 meals (first class), makes loads of sense.

I’ve emailed advancement about their rationale for the time of day being a deciding factor.

One thing as for scouts asking, sometimes I just shrug my shoulders. As much as I was not motivated to get skill awards, some days I wish they were still around.

My brother is glad they aren’t though.