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Second Year Webelos and Summer Awards Cant be earned Twice

When using SB, second year webelos/AOLs who have earned both summer time activity and shooting awards in the 4th grade summer, cannot be entered again, without overwriting original earned dates. Do they not qualify if they have already earned it? What do other Packs do?

What I did in this case was add a note with the date the award was first earned then changed the completion date on to the date the 2nd was earned.

So give out the same award twice? Seems silly to have two shooting badges of same color. Program needs to split WEBELO and AOL

AOL is part of the Webelos program - that is where the confusion comes in

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Agreed! Program needs to offer summer awards only for 5th/AOL…even the kids know its redundant. “Dad, I already earned this badge”

For shooting sports, the Scout only earns 1 patch then works on the pins. If the Scout earned the pin twice, then I see no reason not to award it twice.

Can it be listed in SB as earned twice?

No, the BSA’s databases only record most awards one time.

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