Seeing parent member IDs

I ran into an issue multiple-ing a parent/leader because she had one ID as parent and one ID as leader. Are there any reports a commissioner can see that would show those parent IDs?
The only place I’ve seen a parent ID is on an application, but as a commissioner, this seems like something we could help identify and get corrected.
If you were connected to this unit in Scoutbook as a leader, I think it’d manifest there as the person repeated, but I don’t think a commissioner would see that.

Sadly, to the best of my knowledge there is nothing that I know of that a volunteer has routine access to that gives such insight into unknown Member IDs.

A Commissioner could run the YPT Council Member Report - that lists all the Scouters who have taken YPT - may not get 100%, but it should get 95%. Just a thought.

There is an audit report with the feature assistant extension for scoutbook that a council admin can run to find dupes

@RonaldBlaisdell & @brantgurga - (sadly) the YPT report will not capture those Lion and Tiger partners which the BSA has assigned a member ID to when their child joined Scouting who have not also taken YPT.

In my experience, this is frequent problem when one of those Lion and Tiger partners decides to become a leader and then goes to take YPT: If the Lion / Tiger partner doesn’t know to “Tell” My.Scoutiing that they are known to them and if their e-mail address is not “known” to the system, the soon-to-be leader ends up with another member ID when they take YPT.

Hey, I said 95% not 100%…

Despite the appearance of being machine-scanned, the paper applications are manually entered. I wonder how often the e-mail address got supplied but didn’t get entered in Scoutnet. That’s an area of potential improvement.

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