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Seeking speech from religious leader during AOL crossover


We are having an AOL crossover next week and our religious leader from our CO asked me for example of what they should say. I haven’t found any examples online yet. If you have any or links to them, could you please share.


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There is nothing that they “Should” say. Honestly, the fact that they are even going to be in attendance at the cross over speaks very highly of your CO (and their religious leader’s) dedication to scouting.

A brief prayer for a safe and fruitful scouting experience would probably be a nice sentiment but honestly a smile and a handshake is all they need to do. The one thing your religious leaders SHOULD NOT do is loose sleep over this.


Most units never see such a person, I would make sure to thank the leader for taking time for the youth.

As for what to say, that is their place. I would recommend that it be encouraging and short. The religious leader should decide for themself how overtly religious they want to be while keeping in mind their audience.

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That is impressive that they’re even wanting to show up

I usually only see the pastor of our org if I go on a Sunday. Practically speaking that’s when I need a recharter paperwork signature
I’ve seen the COR maybe twice in the past 12 months

It varies from unit to unit. I’m the COR for our Troop, and I’m at every troop event for at least part of the event.


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