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Senior scout checking off new scout

Apologies as I couldn’t find info on this topic in past threads (although I am sure it’s been asked before):
I’d like my troop guide to be able to check off Scout and Tenderfoot rank reqs for our new scout patrol. How do I connect her to their patrol and give her authorization to see and “leader approve” their advancements?
Also I’m hoping there’s a way to limit her check-offs to just Scout and Tenderfoot ranks? We adults would like to do more gatekeeping for 2nd and 1st class, especially the first aid and ePrep stuff - is there a way to limit her to approving specific ranks and categories?
-Rena, Cupertino CA

There is not presently a mechanism for youth to mark things Complete or Leader Approved for other youth. The way that we manage this in the “virtual” age is that the senior scout approving the work done notifies the ASM assigned to Scout X’s patrol that he has approved that scout’s work on requirement Y. The ASM is then responsible for marking those items Complete, if not already done by Scout X or his parent, and marking it Leader Complete.

We followed a similar process before, except that Scout X was responsible for showing their patrol’s ASM their handbook signoff so that it could be Leader Approved in Scoutbook.

This is not possible in Scoutbook and is too gigantic of a change to happen in this platform - have them use their books.

On this topic in particular, while I agree that first aid and emergency preparedness are areas where flawed information can have immediate negative consequences both for the rescuer and the victim, I would suggest a slightly different emphasis. I would work towards adult leaders who are experts in the area (if available) spending additional time working with the scouts who are doing the approvals (e.g. Instructors, Troop Guides, etc) to ensure that they have a “checklist” of the essential characteristics to make sure that the scouts being reviewed complete, and know what “right” looks like. For example, while you can administer first aid without “gloving up” first, I would tend to make a scout repeat the demonstration until he or she remembered to wear the proper PPE for the task they were executing. If they didn’t catch on fairly quickly, I would tend to ask them if they’ve forgotten some important “first steps”. If they skipped the “Check” step in Check-Call-Care, I’d probably treat it similarly.

The idea being that it both helps better train the senior youth who are actually executing the sign-offs, and empowers them as leaders to better implement youth-led scouting. Just my two-cents, of course, and potentially worth what you paid for it. :^)

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Charley, Thank you for the wise words. You have a really good point about beefing up the training of the more experienced scouts so that they are able to give more rigorous instruction to the new scouts. Excellent strategy that will pay much better dividends over the long run!

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We’re not meeting in person right now, unfortunately. In that way, scoutbook has really been a game-changer, allowing us to operate remotely. I’m very thankful for it. It’s just these little things… I will use Charley’s strategy and ask the ASM assigned to that patrol to sign off in SB.
Thanks for the input,

One caveat on this is that it’s definitely a case of playing the long game. We’ve been working toward this in many areas, and are still not at a point I’m totally satisfied with. We’ve made huge gains, but one gets a scout from time-to-time who isn’t invested and needs more…guidance on these issues.

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