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Service hour logging in IA

How come I can not log service hours in IA. I have been attempting for over 6 weeks fir a service project in December without any success. Please advise


We need to know what is happening. Are you getting an error message? What is your position in the unit?

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I am the Advancement Committee Member in the Troop.
I am no longer able to print a Service Activity report and when I hit the (+) button for Service to add a Service event on the calendar there is no response from the calendar to add and activity (hike,service,etc)

At recharter time every year, the functional positions defined in the Organizational Security Manager (OSM) at my.scouting.org expire. If your recharter was recently processed, I believe that ends the functional role, which has to be re-designated in the OSM by one of your unit Key 3 (SM, CC, COR). That might be impacting your access to the reports.

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Thank you for the information! I will reach out for to find out if that is affecting my ability to add service hours.

In good health,
Sam Myerd

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I am also having problems viewing service logs in IA to validate rank requirements. When I click on the scout’s Service Hours, the page loads with the number of hours but no history. I also get an “Error - An error occurred while processing the request” message.

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I am also having the exact problem. My charter is not sent in for renewal yet. I need to do these hours first.

I put camping and hiking numbers in and submit, but they never get recorded into the scouts record. Sometimes it says to me pending approval. Today when I submit, it says “Error An error occurred while processing the request.” Won’t even let me look at the scouts camping or hiking or service. Where do I go to approve it. I am the internet advancement chair for my troop.

@JohnSimms Your Unit Advancement Chair functional role expired.

You need to have one of your troop’s Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) or a Key 3 Delegate log in at my.scouting and use the Organization Security Manager to re-designate you as Unit Advancement Chair or a Key 3 Delegate.

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I am the advancement chair, a Key 3 person for my troop as well. I’ve been able to approve merit badges and rank advancements, it just not letting me enter service hours, camping days and hike miles (I can’t even look at them). It says “Error An error occurred while processing the request.”

@JohnSimms Internet Advancement looks at the registered positions and functional roles at my.scouting – not Scoutbook.

Based on what I can see, your registered positions are: Assistant Scoutmaster, New Member Coordinator, and Merit Badge Counselor. ASM is not considered part of a troop’s Key 3.

You need to have one of the troop’s Key 3 re-designate you as Unit Advancement Chair or as a Key 3 Delegate. They can do this by logging in at my.scouting and using the Organization Security Manager.

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So you cannot enter, approve, or even view service hours without being a Key 3 Delegate? That does not make sense. How does a scout enter his or her hours then? It used to be they would enter them, and then I could approve them. I have scouts telling me that they can enter hours but then they cannot see them afterwards. They don’t realize it, so they try again, and they end up with duplicates. Meanwhile none of us leaders can check to see if they actually have the hours that they need to advance.

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Do I have the ability to do that myself, or do I need to go to someone else in the troop to get this done?

You need to have one of your unit’s Key 3 (Scoutmaster, COR, or Committee Chair) do it.

It may be prudent for BSA to amend that, would get rid of a lot of consternation out here in the field!

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I’m sure the logic behind it is related to Key 3 delegates not being a “registered” role, so they can’t be designated on the recharter paperwork. Since K3D have access to PII through the roster information at my.scouting, any access is stripped at recharter in case whomever it was delegated to before is no longer serving in that position. In a way, it also forces annual review of the delegates to ensure that the Key 3 are thinking about who they designate, rather than just leaving the same person in that role.

I’ve always assumed that unit advancement coordinator and unit training chair are both registered as MC (committee members), so designating those roles is an annual task, too. I think that, at the pack level, adults can be registered as Pack Trainer (I think).

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I am also having problems viewing service logs in IA to validate rank requirements. When I click on the scout’s Service Hours, the page loads with the number of hours but no history. I also get an “Error - An error occurred while processing the request” message.
I am the CC and nothing is showing.

There is a page in the back of the scout handbook that scouts can use to write down their own service hours. That’s how our scouts handle it, and there’s never been a technical issue…other than the occasional misplaced handbook or torn page. But the failure rate is certainly lower than Scoutbook/Internet Advancement’s. I’d encourage you to absolve yourself of this accounting responsibility, put it on the scouts’ shoulders, and direct your efforts elsewhere.

Hi ,
I asked my Key 3 to reappoint me as Unit Advancement Chair and once again attempted to add Service hours on IA. I waited over 24 hours to allow the system time to recognize me. I am still unable to add any events to the calendar in IA. Yes, I agree with James that the boys are accountable for maintaining a service record of their own, but this was also a Troop event. Several boys were involved and it will also support advancement. Which is my role .
This is what I see:
We’ve encountered a problem with this feature. Our development team has been notified of this error.

In good health,
Sam Myers


I have passed your case to the developers to investigate.