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Service hours entry showing non-member count when only registered members were entered

I have entered a service project through IA. Everything seemed to work fine and the information for each youth and adult are accurate.

However, when I run the summary report for that day, it shows the following in the “Service Hours Reported for Non-Members” section: #People - 1 youth; #Hours - blank. I did not enter any non-members for this event. Is this a bug in the system?


@MichelleAdkins - there is the option to add non- registered people just as there was in the old service report portal.

Thank you. Yes, I know I can add non-members. But I did not add any non-members for this project. That is why I am wanting to know why it is showing there one non-member youth for this project for 0 hours.

@MichelleAdkins - I apologize… mis-read the post. If you go back to that event, then the advanced tab is there any thing entered there ?

Yes, there was one non-registered youth entered there, so that must be where it is coming from. I deleted it and resaved it, but it still shows one non-registered youth. I went back in again and tried to use the down arrows, but it doesn’t go below 1. Deleted it again, but it is staying there.

Also, the activity box shows 4 participants (which is correct), but the report shows 4 for the unit and one non-registered.


It actually shows the 1 non-member youth in both the Basic and Advanced tabs. I can’t delete it or use the down arrows to bring it to zero or blank.

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