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Service Hours for JTE for non eagle hours

Can someone tell me about JTE service hours. On the scorecard section 8 it says records service hours on JTE website and you mark yes or no. All that is recorded on the website is Eagle Project service hours. None of the other service hours show up on the JTE website.

My question is why and how do I add them to the JTE website. Or do I not need to in order to check yes?

TIA, Connie

@ConstanceGonsalves - these would be the service hours as entered in advancements.scouting.org.

Depending upon the council, the Eagle Service project hours would be entered by the council and in some by the units.

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None of the service hours entered show up on the JTE website. Is there a way to enter them? The only option I see is for Eagle hours. Or do only Eagle hours count for JTE?

@ConstanceGonsalves - the site you are referring to is ONLY for Eagle Project service hours at servicehours.scouting.org. The entries made in advancements.scouting.org are placed in the JTE report used by councils.

Perhaps @RickHillenbrand can provide some insight as I think I am correct.

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When the JTE scorecards were made for 2020 the ONLY option for recording service hours was the legacy Good Turn for America site https://servicehours.scouting.org/UI/Security/Login.aspx (Found under BSA Web Links on the My.Scouting menu). Over the summer a change was made, and with the exception of Eagle Projects and Exploring units, all units are to record their service hours as an “Activity” using Internet Advancement (either directly or via Scoutbook). If you go to your unit’s Activity Report you will not only see the service hours logged via the new system but also the legacy hours from GTFA.


@RickHillenbrand - thanks you for the info and I trust this helps @ConstanceGonsalves

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Thank you everyone, It sounds like I was doing it right. I just thought I had to log all service hours directly into the JTE sit also.

@ConstanceGonsalves - you are very welcome. Anything logged into advancements.scouting.org is already counting toward JTE. More importantly… Happy Holidays!

Wow, it sure would be nice if someone in our council/district had shared this information with the units before rechartering started… Instead I had to stumble into it while trying to submit my JTE scorecard.

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It would be helpful if Commissioners would get a heads up via an email as National makes changes such as entering of service hours. As a friend to the units we could advise units approximately. A number of units have asked the question on how to enter the service hours in December.

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