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Service Hours Needing Approval

With the new way of logging service hours into Scoutbook, it is putting a “Pending” for approval on them. Who approves them? I went thru all of Scoutbook and can’t figure a way to approve them. I have been given permission from the scoutmaster to enter and approve service hours.

Approval must be done through the IA2 interface (scoutbook.scouting.org) by one of the Key 3, a Key 3 Delegate or the Unit Advancement Chair designated in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting.org.

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Why do they need to be approved? Parents used to be able to log hours, miles for their scout in on the mobile app now everything is centralized and a Approved by Key 2 and I do not want it that way. I am Committee Chairman. My COR will do nothing with online data base. My Cub Master runs the program, and now we have IA putting a bigger burden upon units, not very thrifty.

Scott: For troop leaders, not having the ability to approve service hours that Scouts or their parents posted was a major issue with the activities logs in Scoutbook so a lot of us that work with troops asked for that change. In Scouts BSA, when performing service hours is a requirement for advancement, the requirement usually includes the phrase, “with the approval of your Scoutmaster” or something similar. We had parents who were using the Scoutbook service log to track all sorts of service hours, some of which did not qualify for advancement. We had to manually go through each Scout’s logs and remove non-qualifying service projects,

I can understand that at the Cub Scout level, that level of review is not required (I also work with a Cub Scout Pack). However, the approval process in IA2 is fairly simple.



The Cubmaster can also do the approvals today. We have asked that the individuals that can approve the log entries be expanded.


Looks like now a scout can record all their service hours. Some would be approved, and others would not, but now there is no need to remove the record if it does not get approved. So the scout can record what they want, and the unit can use the results to track what they want and nothing needs to be deleted.

However, a not-approved toggle might be needed so an entry does not just sit on the needs-approval list for years.


I totally agree with you. That was a feature a bunch of us wanted and asked for. This upgrade took care of it.


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Another option would be to use Google Docs for the scouts to submit hours. Any leader the SM chooses can then go through the submissions to see if requirements have been met.


I am a key 3 but I don’t see where I can approve the service hours in scoutbook.scouting.org.

@ChristinaMiller1 When you log in at my.scouting.org, click on:

  1. Menu button (upper left)
  2. My Profile

What do you see listed for your Active Positions?

Hi, @ChristinaMiller1,

The service hours should appear under the Peding Items tab in IA2 (scoutbook.scouting.org).

Make sure that, in the upper right corner of the IA2 interface, under the fleur de lis logo, your Key 3 position (SM, COR, CC) is selected. Having other positions selected will change what the interface looks like.

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