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Service Project for Lions

For Animal Kingdom adventure the required outing is to perform a service project. Can you guys help me to come up with ideas for a service project appropriate for Lions?

Thanks in advance

Hi, @DenisPohlman,

We’ve done things like a food drive/can sort, cleaning up trash, helping paint “only rain down the drain” anti-dumping signs on the pavement with Tigers. I suspect any of those would be workable with Lions as well, although the painting might require slightly better control of the paint cans by the adults and wider borders on the stencils. For the food sort, the parents would likely have to do the “sorting” and the scouts could bring the food items to designated locations for vegetables, proteins, etc based on a “take this over there” scheme.

Here is guidance from the Lion Den Leader Guide:

Perform a service project for someone in the community that is appropriate for kindergartenage children. One option might be to select a project for the chartered organization. Take
pictures before and after along with group pictures of your Lion families.

Sample projects are:

  • Do an outside cleanup or beautification project.
  • Establish a recycling area.
  • Plant flowers or weed an existing flower bed.

Guidelines for a Lion service project:

  • The activity should be in a safe environment (not along roadways).
  • The project should not last longer than 20 minutes.
  • The work should be meaningful.
  • Participants should be dressed appropriately for the activity.
  • The activity should be hands-on and interactive.

Here are some other ideas:
They could help clean up a local park or school by picking up trash.
They could help collect gently used books, magazines, coloring books, crayons for a local children’s hospital or school


I saw those in the Den Leader Guide but I was hoping for other suggestions since at the time of year when this is planned it will probably be too cold for them to be outside for any length of time.

Thanks for the suggestions

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My absolute favorite with little kids is take them to an assisted living facility and let them color and play board games with the residents! The residents and staff love it and the kids love it. We also have collected items to put in stockings for kids in foster care, and that seems to have a real impact on younger children and helps them appreciate their own gifts more. Another idea, if your charter org is a school a lot of them are having book fairs around now. Have the children do a bake sale at the book fair and donate the proceeds to the World Friendship Fund. Lion/Tiger ages love to bake and also think it’s really fun to sell things on their own at stands. And it can be done in shifts. It keeps their attention better than a lot of other activities.


Scouting for food is pretty easy for small Cubs to put out bags. Picking them up is harder.


They could help cleanup the charter organization’s building on the inside. They could help empty trash cans. Perhaps they could collect some needed item at one of the meetings. If you are with a church they could pass out the weekly bulletin, or some other informational item. Or they could collect caned goods before a service.

This is one that my pack uses as well.

Find a local nature center / nature trail and see if they have any organized volunteer work days.
We use the volunteer work days to knock of a variety of requirements at all levels - it is a conservation service project, it is a visit to a nature center, and it is an outdoor activity, and there is hiking involved. :wink:

That’s a great idea. Our Council held a garlic mustard pull last spring at a local state park. Working for a couple of hours at an event like that would be a great service project for Lions.

One suggestion at this time of year is to draw / make cards for military or first responders. We have the scouts make thank you cards for Veterans Day. Depending where you you can delivery them to a base, recruting certer or VFW/American Legion Post.

We learned last year with our sole Lion in the Pack that a lot of the requirements need to be more “spirit of the law” instead of “letter of the law” for sign offs. We used the Scouting For Food as the sign off for it