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Shanghai/Beijing Packs Need Advice on best Activities to do solo/with parent only

First time poster, apologies for any mistakes in tone or content. I’m the Cubmaster for Pack 12 in Shanghai. The re-opening of the international schools here in mainland China has been delayed by two weeks because of the Coronavirus, and as a result many of us are stuck inside with restless kids until February 17 (hopefully, could be longer). All group activities, camps, day camps, venues, etc. are closed - you can walk the empty streets, but there’s no place really ready to take 6-8 kids in a meeting. We’ve postponed all Den meetings and our Pinewood Derby. Can those in the forum with offer some advice on indoor activities at all levels to be done alone or with a parent? I’m up for doing one a day with my Tiger Cub in Shanghai, but I sure know the rest of our 90+ boys would also like something else to do and need the collective wisdom of the BSA for help!

Every rank (except Lion) has a duty to God adventure. There’s also the Cyber Chip and Protect Yourself Rules adventure. Then, basically pick an elective adventure.


For Wolf Scouts and up, also take a look at the Yo-Yo preview adventure.

There are lots of different ways to build a marshmallow catapult that could be fun. After it’s built, the Scouts could try their aim at getting marshmallows into something like a small trash can.

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Great suggestion! We did that at a winter camp out a few years ago, and the boys had a blast!

Thank you very much everyone for the suggestions! We are all a bit house-bound here in China and need to focus on things that can be done at home and in the house - very grateful for the suggestions.
Thanks again, keep them coming!

This is a great website to see what topics overlap for a ranks. Sam Houston Instep

Cub Scout Instep Sam Houston

You can take a look at some of the electives that are unlikely to be done as a den and work on those.

My (half baked) idea would be to look for any of the real-time messaging platforms and see about “virtual” meetings. This is half baked because I haven’t looked to know which might be doable for free. But many have free services.

Microsoft Teams offers some level of free that might work well. I would also acknowledge that this will take cooperation with parents and may not go as planned. But… if stuck at home with kids I would be game to blaze the trail.

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I have advocated for this is several venues to increase participation in meeting-type events (e.g. Lodge Executive Committee meetings) that are already getting low participation due to wide spatial distribution of the lodge (170 miles across the diagonal for our service area). I know a couple of other lodges have adopted it, and it’s worked well for them, particularly in getting participation from distant chapters that have been “not appearing” in quite a while.

Without specifically endorsing a product, I know that at one point Zoom had a free tier, as did GoToMeeting. I’ve used both for work in the paid tier, so I’m not sure what the free tiers offer. I believe that Google Hangouts also has connectivity options, although I’ve never used it. I’m not sure which, if any, are available in your area, though.

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Yes, a virtual meeting might be an interesting learning experience. Especially how can a team still be team even if they don’t meet person to person? That is a great learning challenge for the future! We are a Tiger den, and I can image adapting some items from the Team Tiger requirements for a virtual meeting. I am sure you can find other things to discuss or even virtual games you can play that are appropriate for your rank. Any video conferencing service you are familiar with may work. If you have not used any service yet, I know that Zoom offers 100 free participants and has good reviews. Good Luck and stay safe.

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