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Ship Membership only, finishing Eagle

My Scout, and soon to be 2 others, are going to be finishing their Eagle while in the Ship.

I’ve kept him registered in a Troop only to keep his advancement in Scoutbook. He does no activities with them any more, and hasn’t for over a year.

From what I can see with our multiple registered Scouts is Sea Scouts in the Ship tab, and Scouts BSA in their Troop tab.

When we drop the Troop, what happens to his Scout BSA advancement? Will it show both Sea Scout and Scout BSA advancement together through the Ship?

If a Sea Scout has previously earned First Class rank while in a troop (or as a Lone Scout) and is continuing Scouts BSA advancement while in a ship, then you can go to the Scout’s Edit Profile page and turn the “Scouts BSA Advancement” toggle button on. The toggle is located between “Gender” and “Birthday”.

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