'Shooting sports' is leading to 'Dashboard' in cub scout profile

Hello there,
I was trying to update a Cubs
I brought up awards for one cub scout (my kid), then pressed shooting sports for any rank and it brings me to my ’ Dashboard’. could someone fix that link thanks everyone. :wink:

@MariaToro - are the scouts in their correct dens

Yes. and yes.
I don’t think that would matter as I can input information from last year. I was trying to put in the Webelos shooting and it takes me to my dashboard. I tried all the other ranks for my kid and it happens every time. I did it with another cub and it happens every time. I am the cub master and have access and linked to everyone on the Pack in SB. In past years this type of ‘glitch’ has been fixed quickly. I don’t think anyone knows about it yet. Thanks everyone for your diligence in SB.

@MariaToro - could you look at the membership section for the scouts with issues… there should only be 1 current membership for them.

@MariaToro What is your BSA member ID number?

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