Signing up and adding Cub Scouts to a Boy Scout troop

Hello. Please help with adding new Boy Scouts to a troop. What is the correct way and order of steps to add a Cub Scout to a Boy Scout troop? How do we invite and add their parents?

I noticed two features on Scoutbook in the Troop Roster area. “Transfer in Scout” and “Add Scout” but there aren’t any instructions and the info I’ve dug up here is confusing and cautions about not doing it a specific way because it could cause complications, such as duplicate accounts or accounts not connected in the proper way and syncing.

Can/should the parents do this through their online Cub Scout account or
can a Boy Scout leader advance and transfer online the Cub Scout to the Boy Scout troop?

Is there a written application required and needed prior to transferring the Cub Scout to the Boy Scout troop?

Thanks for help and guidance.

See the help guide here: Transferring from another unit in the Same Council | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Thank you Bill! Appreciate the help and link.

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