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Signup not finding address, can't register new Scout

Trying to sign my son up for cub scouts and get all the way to the payment with a credit card screen, input everything correctly and 1) the boxes for street, city, zip all have a yellow caution sign and 2) when i hit pay it gives me a red “X” and says “Not Found”

Using Chrome if that still matters in 2020 and paying with a discover card.

Someone else may have a better solution, but worst case, you could fill out a paper application.

James not all Councils will allow the use of the online registration system (especially those in PA). I suggest you contact your local Council to see if they accept on-line registrations.

I believe all councils have to accept online payments now?

Actually, they don’t - I know Michigan Crossroads has their own payment system.

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I know that there are chartering organizations that require the paper applications because they want more than just the COR to review them.

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