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Skipper's Conference and Bridge of Review -- required?

All–I have noticed that the rank requirements in the Sea Scout Manual do not call for either a Skipper’s Conference or Bridge of Review for Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, or Quartermaster–however, those requirements ARE listed in

I have no objection to holding both, but I also know that the Guide to Advancement prohibits us from making changes. So I’m asking for a ruling: Which is it? Do we follow advancement requirements in the manual or do we consider them amended?

In other words, I just want to know which is correct…

The Bridge of Review is required, see: The Sea Scout Bridge of Review
in the Guide to Advancement
“After completing the requirements for any Sea Scout rank, the Sea Scout appears before a bridge of review. He or she cannot be denied this opportunity. The purpose of the review is to determine the quality of the candidate’s experience and decide whether the youth is qualified to advance. The bridge of review date becomes the effective advancement date.”

Also see: The Skipper Conference

Skippers hold a conference with youth who indicate they are ready to advance to the next Sea Scout rank. Once the conference has taken place and the other requirements for the rank are fulfilled, the application for rank is forwarded to the ship’s bridge of review. The process is similar to that for a Scoutmaster conference. (See “Unit Leader [Scoutmaster] Conference,”

details here

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