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SM not enabled to add camping nights or service

According to Scoutbook, Key 3 members should be able to record or add camping nights, service hours and hiking miles. I am a Scoutmaster, so should be able to do this?
When I go to the roster page, I can see my scouts, but the “record progress” option is dimmed and not enabled.
How do I fix this?

The help document on the new logs is at:

Yes. I saw this.
When I go to the roster page, I can see my scouts, but the “record progress” option is dimmed and not enabled. Seems to be a glitch.

You have to select scouts before you can do anything. It’s in the video, but you have to play the video fairly slowly, IMHO, to actually catch that part.

That’s a standard part of IA2, which I personally find backwards. I’m more task-oriented than object-oriented, so selecting the objects (people) I want to operate on before I select the operation (edit logs) to undertake is highly counter-intuitive to me.

You need to select one or more Scouts (and/or adults) before you can click on Record Progress.

Alternatively, you can click on the Activities button and create the activity first, then attach the people.

Did you select any Scouts?

go to My.Scouting.Org and look at your profile. If you are not listed there as the SM, then you wont be able to do the updates you need to do in IA. This is my problem. Council tells me national needs to update their system. National tells me I need to talk to my council. It is getting frustrating for me.

@MarkCash What is your registered position currently as shown at my.scouting.org?

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My current position is Scoutmaster. My.Scouting.Org profile doesn’t show this. It just shows my address and has NO previous positions listed (merit badge counselor, Assistant Scoutmaster). It does surprisingly list all my training though. Council says it is a national problem and refers me there, who in turn refer me back to my council.

If your my.scouting.org ID does not show you as Scoutmaster, you either have multiple BSA Member IDs and they are not all attached to your account or the council has not registered you as an SM.

Call your registrar and ask them to verify you are registered as Scoutmaster and get the BSA Member ID for that position. Compare that to what you see in .my.scouting.org

You can also ask the Committee Chair or Charter Org Rep for your troop to look in Member Manager in my.scouting.org to see if you are listed and what your BSA Member ID number is.


One big problem is that the other Key-3 aren’t listed either, so they can’t do this. It is like banging my head against a brick wall. One weird thing…just in the last couple of days IA started showing me as Scoutmaster for the troop, but my profile still shows nothing in my.scouting.org!

In Internet Advancement, click on Profile in the left sidebar. Your BSA Member ID will be listed. Compare that to what is in my.scouting.org.

I have the same BSA ID listed in both places.

Definitely get the bsa member number from your council registrar or DE for all key3 in your unit, and have them compare it to what they see in their my.scouting profiles.

I don’t know what happened, but my biggest complaint has gone away. My profile in the my.scouting.org still doesn’t show my position, but IA does. I can now see who in my troop has expired YPT and can tell them to renew it! I can also access the activity logs and update them. They are not current compared to scoutbook, or what scoutbook had before they got moved to IA. I can work around that though. It was knowing whether or not adults had completed YPT that was my biggest headache.

Make sure the individual activities check box is toggled on in the pulldown menu (down arrow) when you create the reports. All previous Scoutbook event log entries were ported as “individual” events.

@MarkCash It still sounds to me like you might have more than one account in my.scouting.org. You should be able to see your Scoutmaster position there under your active positions.

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