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Snacks as requirement

I am a brand new leader, and I had a question. I am leading both the Lions and the Tigers. In Fun on the Run and Games Tigers Play, there is a snack requirement. Lions made the snack for their requirement, and I had Tigers talk about how the snack is nutritious and the different ingredients, but I did not have the Tigers actually BRING a snack (I provided the snack). Is that okay for Tigers to get that adventure requirement?

Thank you!

Tiger Adventure: Tiger Bites
Complete Requirements 1 and 2 plus at least two others.

  1. With your parent, guardian, other caring adult, or den, find out about good food choices and not-so-good choices. Identify three foods that you think would be good choices and three foods that would not be good choices.

  2. Explain the importance of hand washing before a meal and clean-up after a meal. Then show how you would do each.

  3. Show that you know the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. Eat one of each.

  4. With your parent, guardian, or other caring adult, pick a job to help your family at mealtime. Do it for at least four meals.

  5. Talk with your parent, guardian, or other caring adult about what foods you can eat with your fingers. Practice your manners when eating them.

  6. With your parent, guardian, or other caring adult, plan and make a good snack choice or other nutritious food to share with your den.

1 and 2 are required, but do not involve making a snack. Assuming you fulfilled the other requirements, say 3 and 5, then yes you are fine.

But in Games Tigers Play on page 35, #2 says to BRING a snack. Share this what makes it a good choice. I bought the items for the entire den and then they shared what might make it a good choice.

Does that qualify?

Thank you for your help!

You’re right, I was looking at the snacking adventure, not the playing games adventure. Why are there two different adventures involving snacks?

Anyway, yes, the individual scouts should be bringing a snack. Easily corrected by doing it later and having everyone bring a snack then.

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