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Software to Manage Pack Finances

Are any packs or troops using any sort of off-the-shelf software to manage their unit finances? I recently assumed the treasurer position for our pack. I am inhering a method using crude spreadsheets and want to bring us into the 21st century. We do use the Scoutbook feature for the individual scouts; however, that feature does not seem to be applicable for managing our overall financial picture. Any luck with Quickbooks? If so which version? All feedback appreciated!

Our troop with 10 Scouts and Pack with 35 Cubs just use Excel on OneDrive.

I think it matters how big the unit is. Our church used Quickbooks, which was fine for a small church, but would be overkill for a pack with 30 cubs. I do hear of troops with 75 Scouts, so maybe at that point something bigger would be more warranted.

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Our troops have been using troopwebhost.com for all financial management. We had near 60 scouts last year.

It has a little bit of a learning curve, but GnuCash (https://www.gnucash.org/) works for personal finance and small business. It could be used for Pack/Troop finances. The nice part is that since it is free software there is really not much risk in trying it out.

Our Pack uses WaveApps.

The bank connection, receipt uploading, reports, and invoicing functions work out nicely for us. Best of all its free.

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