Some families not getting emails intermittently

Since the most recent email problem was supposedly corrected, I sent a test email yesterday, 2/18, and I got replies from families that got it that were not getting them prior. I sent another today, 2/19, and some that got yesterday’s email did not get today’s. This is super frustrating. Is there anything we can do on our end to help fix this?


After being off the blacklist since Monday, Scoutbook is back on this morning. The only workaround is to use another system for e-mail such as use your distribution list to send messages with your own e-mail client.

BSAI IT will be working again to make changes necessary for Scoutbook to be removed from the blacklist.

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If it helps any, the email clients on our end that did not get today’s email use and

Yahoo is working for me (just tested)

What is really confusing and frustrating is that I have some parent Hotmail accounts that are receiving emails fine and others that get nothing. Tried whitelisting the domain to no effect.

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