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Space derby Practice Track

I am looking for a little help on doing a space derby. This is not going to be a normal event for us. I got enough kits with our numbers low to do something fun for our scouts as we are full of covid restrictions in our area so to keep all the kids more actively involved I figured it would be worth a shot. After doing research this may be harder then I think and was hoping for a few pointers on setting up a temporary track. This is not a competitive event. They will most likely assembly and run the ships in the same meeting. The items I will have to run this is the space kit and the space derby accessory kit. What I think I can do is have the string run between two setups 50 feet apart. What I am not understanding how to do is how either after they are wound up we would launch them so the propel themselves without having a track.

The starting end of the track definitely helps as it allows multiple rockets’ propellers to start turning at the same time. If you have two parallel fishing lines set up, the low-tech way may be to have two people hold the propellers and let go on a given signal. Even without a “track” you will still need the hangers for the rockets to attach them to the fishing line. The main barrier I would see in trying to do it all in one meeting is that the rockets need time for the glue to dry after gluing the two halves together and after gluing the fins on. If this was done beforehand, it might work in one meeting.

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Thanks for the help. I did buy the accessory kit to hang them so it sounds like we can do it with just a line we just have to hold the planes. I guess it will turn into a two night project I put one of the kits together and I see the downside to a one night meeting.

I have not done a space derby, but I like the idea.

For glue, we did a recycled material raingutter regatta and hot glue guns were cheap, fast, and easy. Most made theirs at home, but we had the supplies for any that forgot or wanted to build a second the night of.
For physical distancing, we put the two raingutters outside end to end, had the kids start in the middle, then blow out so they weren’t blowing on each other. It was actually kinda fun to have them going in opposite directions as it took a bit of the competition down a notch but was still exciting for them and all the people in the radius circle around them. They lined up in two lines, then switched lines for the second run with a best time out of the two as a rough goal. (note, even a slight breeze basically brought the boat to a standstill, so switching directions was key.)
Then in the end we switched it all up and awarded the “recycled” thrift store trophy to the boat with the most recycled content (which wasn’t necessarily the fastest as it had a lot of junk on it).
Good luck, Andy

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