SPL Access to Internet Advancement RSVP Reports

My Senior Patrol Leader said he couldn’t see who RSVP’d to events. I’m curious if there is a way I can verify his access level.

If he is not able to view reports, is there a way I can enable my Senior Patrol Leader and other leaders to access to internet advancement RSVP reports? Where would I set that permission?

We are trying to encourage more people to RSVP and it’s challenging if adult scouters are the only ones who can see who RSVP’d.

I would actually prefer if everyone in the troop could see who is coming to events, to encourage people to RSVP, similar to team snap or league apps.

However, at least if those in leadership positions can see that would be fine.


Make sure the SPL has the Calendar Editor youth leadership position in addition to SPL. Those with Calendar Editor should be able to see RSVP reports.

Thank you @edavignon!